Sunday, May 29, 2011

Photo Of The Day: Fishing Tiny

Ahh, the life of solitude aboard a tiny vessel.
On a very nice morning recently, I was walking to my car to go get a much needed hair cut, something caught my eye in a nearby pond. It might not look like much from the picture but there are two good ol' boys fishing in a tiny boat. Like, I said, it might not look like much but this is a pond we are talking about and nobody but ducks are seen on these small waters 99% of the time.

They look like they might be brothers so I admire that. I digress, I wish I could of gone out on the pond and asked them if they caught anything. Even if they didn't, I guess it still would be a relaxing way to spend a quite morning. Hey, if someone said, you can either go to work today or go fishing on a tiny boat in little residential pond, I'd say sign me up for the boat.

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