Sunday, September 1, 2013

Photo Of The Day: Great Blue Heron Spotting In Texas

Welcome to Smidgen Goop. If you want to know what this blog is all about, because I'm sure you're still wondering, then look no further than this beautiful image. I hope to capture breathtaking shots of our featured friends as I did with this magnificent winged Great Blue Heron. I hope that you'll enjoy this blog as much as I take pleasure in getting great shots of birds because after all this blog was started by birds (see FAQ question 1) so we have to pay them respect every once in awhile.

I just love it when a birding photo opportunity presents itself. One day, about 3 years ago, I was walking to get the mail, and at the nearby pond something caught my eye. I looked again, and there was this majestic crane patrolling the waters. At least I thought it was a crane, until I got home and did some research on the net. Alas, it is not a crane but a heron that looks similar. Then to my further surprise and I came to find out that this was a Great Blue Heron.

Simply amazing because I wouldn't expect to find one of these majestic creatures all by itself and many miles away from it's natural habitat in a lonely pond that runs along the middle of my residential community. This was quite an afternoon treat, as I can't remember the last time I saw one of these beautiful creatures if ever in person, let alone up close. All my years of living at this residence, which was almost 3 years to be exact, I never did spot a Great Blue Heron again which I wouldn't of expected to. That makes this particular spotting a photographic moment to treasure so was very happy I was able to snap this photo!

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