Monday, April 18, 2011

A Title Change: Same Crap Different Word

After much deliberation I've decided to change one letter of my blog to the letter G. That means we're now Smidgen Goop instead of Smidgen Poop. Why the change you might ask? My better senses told me that Poop might be too strong of a word for a blog title. I was basically calling my blog crap and I'm still calling my blog crap but it sounds better now.

For any of you that might have a blog and decided to change the title, it's not very fun. You have to go back and change a lot such as the banner, links, etc. I hope it was worth it. Tell me what you think. Do you like the change or should I of kept it Poop instead of Goop? Comment below and please join my blog if you approve and even if you don't. Oh, in honor of my old blog title, here is a image to remember those few short days when we were Poop...........................

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