Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Story Of A Queen

This fancy rug is very appropriate for a queen of her stature as evidenced by how well she blends into it
 This wouldn't be a Smidgen Goop worthy blog if we didn't introduce to you the queen of our household. At least that's what she thinks. You might not know it from looking at her but she's been alive since 1994.
It's a long story but we'll make it short. She's a jungle cat. Yes, she really did come from the jungle. You see, back in the early to mid 90's I lived in Panama Central America. We had a house there and behind our house was a jungle. One day, this stray cat appeared from the jungle. After a couple of days, we decided to capture her and take her in since it was apparent that she didn't have a home.

This was not an easy task because we had to put tuna in a carrier on our porch and wait for her to go inside to eat so we could close the door on her. She'd always hear us coming from a mile away and would scurry out of the cat carrier before we got close. She continued to push her luck though and it eventually ran out. About a week after we first started trying, we quietly snuck around the corner and locked her in before she could escape. Finally, we could give her a name that's how came to be known as Sheba. It's no wonder she thinks she's a queen. Now, she becomes the mascot of Smidgen Goop so stay tuned for more photos and stories about Sheba because we've only really scratched the surface of this wild and not to mention crazy feline.

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