Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Negative Slides From The Past: So Bad It's Good

This is meant to be so bad it's good. I did the best for what I was working with. In other words, this image is ancient and taken with an ancient camera even for the time it was taken. If you haven't guessed by now, this a picture of the much younger Sheba (see post entitled Introducing The Queen) back in 1995 when I lived in Panama Central America.

I took photography in high school back then and played around with the camera at home. Nothing much to look at but this is what rookie photographers do with a manual 35mm Pentax Camera. Also, as an extra hurdle, the film was developed in a dark room by yours truly. No, I take that back. This picture was never developed. It came straight from the spool. I lifted it off the negative not too long ago using an old HP Scanner Jet that included a negative slide scanner.  I don't even know if you can find a scanner that has that feature on it these days.

Now, you know why it looks so bad. Which it does but hey it was never meant to be good. Stay tuned for more negative slides from the past because after all this blog is part photography blog part humor. Maybe the next negative slide will be better.

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